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Want To Visit Olympic Gardens Las Vegas?

Of course you do - everyone's heard of this 24-hour topless cabaret. Two floors, smoking hot strippers for adult entertainment fans of both genders, I mean - what's not to love? If you're only in Vegas for a short while or don't feel like jumping through hoops to enjoy a night filling your senses with hot women, even this legendary Las Vegas strip club might not fit the bill. There's a better way to get your groove on with hot dancers, though, and all the Sin City regulars are in on it - hiring a private dancer for yourself! While everyone else is elbowing for room at Olympic Gardens Las Vegas strip club, you'll have a front row seat to the action.

No, this isn't some Champagne Room stint to get your favorite dancer to yourself for a few songs, this is an all-night-long extravaganza of music, sexy swaying hips and the tiniest costumes you can imagine. You get to be the DJ, the lap dance recipient, the guest of honor and anything else you want to be as your temporary companion chats, dances and enjoys the whole evening with you. Spend time with your special lady alone for a true VIP experience or with a few close buddies for a special event. Make the Final Four a little more fantastic, or add in some smokin' hot scenery to your annual poker trip - what happens here, stays here and it's about time you lived it up with a Las Vegas stripper!

A Sure Bet...On The Strip?

Yeah, you read that right! At least one jackpot can be yours no matter what the odds are - a memorable night in the sensual company of an exotic dancer. When you hire a stripper in Las Vegas instead of visiting Las Vegas Olympic Gardens, you don't have to wonder if someone that's *just* your type will come out on stage with the next song - you'll know she's on her way to your hotel room as soon as you hang up the phone or send an invitation online. Rather than hoping to coax sexy dancers to give you some one-on-one attention from the stage at Olympic Gardens Las Vegas, you can sit back and enjoy your dancer's undivided appreciation as she locks eyes with you, slowly sliding off her barely-there outfit in the comfort of your hotel room. Who wants to squint through bright disco lights or have to shout small talk over booming club music at strip clubs when something so special and intimate is yours for the taking?

When you decide to skip a place like Olympic Gardens strip club and spend the evening in your hotel room, you don't have to worry about dress codes, cover charges, drink minimums, or anything except your own pleasure. Your lovely companion for the evening isn't distracted by other patrons or worried about tipping out the DJ or bartender, so she's got more time and attention to lavish on you than her front-and-center counterparts. Less distractions = more enthusiastic dancing = a better time for the both of you. That's just good business, and in that dress? Business is looking very damn fine tonight. If you don't want to roll the dice when it comes to an incredible evening, pick up the phone and ditch the bouncers and lines over at Olympic Gardens Las Vegas.

You're The King, Baby

The days of Viva Las Vegas might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the full "King" experience, even if you decide to pass on Olympic Gardens Las Vegas. You get to kick back in a robe, smoke your cigar, sip your favorite cocktail and call in adult entertainment - what could be more Vegas than that? Why fight for a cab or worry about getting a designated driver for a trip to Olympic Gardens Las Vegas when the answer is literally right on your bedside table? Making an appointment for strippers and escorts to come entertain you is something that never occurs to tourists but quickly becomes a must-do for those "in the know." Spend your time in Sin City like one of the locals and appreciate the finer things without ever needing to don a suit jacket. These fine ladies are waiting for your call, guys!

To release some tension after a hard day at the tables? Looking for a creative way to banish that big, throbbing headache you've managed to grow out on the casino floor? Unlike the frustrating dollar-dance of sitting stageside at Olympic Gardens Las Vegas, you'll be able to get some very individualized attention as your own private dancer strokes your ego and shows off some flexibility that will put Cirque Du Soleil to shame. The choice is yours - dress code, rules, bouncers and crowds at Olympic Gardens Las Vegas or a relaxed, hassle-free evening with a stripper or escort that wants to tease, please and blow your mind.  

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