crazy horse 3 girlIs Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas A Little TOO Crazy?

YEAH baby - you're in Sin City! It's time to get your party on, get your dance on and get your freak on with some lapdances from lovely ladies. You're looking forward to hitting up the Crazy Horse III strip club because it's one of the most infamous Vegas hotspots. Or...at least you were, until you saw the line in and the insane crowds inside. You shouldn't miss out on a front-row adult entertainment experience just because everyone in town decides to head to the same place you did. What can you do, though? Walk away from Crazy Horse III to to another Las Vegas strip club? Chances are, you'll have the same problems - hot women = big crowds, especially when conventions are in town. It's time to break out the genius solution the pros and Vegas regulars use: hiring a private stripper.

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drais nightclub girlWanna Get Turned Up At Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas?

Let's face it - people go to Las Vegas for the nightlife, and there's a damn good reason they do. Places like Drai's Nightclub strip club keep the music pumping, the booze flowing and the ladies dancing all night long. While this may seem like the place to be, Drai's didn't get popular by being a word-of-mouth kind of place. If you're looking for adult entertainment there, you're going to have to contend with huge crowds, and getting a phone number, let alone a girl's attention, is going to be a hell of an uphill battle.

Stop shouting over the bass to a girl that probably has a boyfriend on the way back from the bathroom. It's as futile as trying to pick up a dancer in one of Sin City's strip clubs. Go for the sure thing by hiring an escort for the evening. Not only will your special companion be happy to party with you at places like Las Vegas Drai's Nightclub, she's definitely going to come home with you when you decide to step out. There's no awkward invitations, no chance of rejection - she's with you because she wanted to spend the night with you, and her attention is focused entirely on you.

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hustlers girlWant to Drool Over The Babes At Hustlers Las Vegas?

Whoa there, stud. So does half of Vegas! With five bars, a rooftop patio and a sex toy store right in this famous Las Vegas strip club, could you blame them? However, that means that you're going to be very crowded trying to find a great seat by the stage once you're in - if the line to get in isn't crazy long, of course. Oh, and hopefully you'll have some singles left after buying expensive drinks. Doesn't sound quite like what you had in mind? The good news is that there's another way - the secret that Las Vegas hustlers and big shots count on for sexy entertainment without the hassle.

Hiring a private stripper lets you bypass the lines, skip the waiting, avoid the crowds and get the sensual up-close-and-personal experience of a lifetime. Sure, you can get your lap dances at big name strip clubs, but can you say for sure that you're going to get the dancers you want, and not just the ladies that happen to be on shift? Adult entertainment should be about what YOU want, right? You deserve to be treated like the king of Sin City, and you're just not going to get that kind of treatment in a crowded Vegas strip club.

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olimpic gardens girlWant To Visit Olympic Gardens Las Vegas?

Of course you do - everyone's heard of this 24-hour topless cabaret. Two floors, smoking hot strippers for adult entertainment fans of both genders, I mean - what's not to love? If you're only in Vegas for a short while or don't feel like jumping through hoops to enjoy a night filling your senses with hot women, even this legendary Las Vegas strip club might not fit the bill. There's a better way to get your groove on with hot dancers, though, and all the Sin City regulars are in on it - hiring a private dancer for yourself! While everyone else is elbowing for room at Olympic Gardens Las Vegas strip club, you'll have a front row seat to the action.

No, this isn't some Champagne Room stint to get your favorite dancer to yourself for a few songs, this is an all-night-long extravaganza of music, sexy swaying hips and the tiniest costumes you can imagine. You get to be the DJ, the lap dance recipient, the guest of honor and anything else you want to be as your temporary companion chats, dances and enjoys the whole evening with you. Spend time with your special lady alone for a true VIP experience or with a few close buddies for a special event. Make the Final Four a little more fantastic, or add in some smokin' hot scenery to your annual poker trip - what happens here, stays here and it's about time you lived it up with a Las Vegas stripper!

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palomino clubs girlHeaded To The Palomino Club Las Vegas?

If the Las Vegas Palomino Club is on your evening's to-do list during your stay in Sin City, you might want to consider what you can expect out of the experience. Sure, as a Las Vegas strip club it's pretty posh, and it's the only place in town that offers fully nude women and liquor under the same roof, but what kind of adult entertainment experience are you really getting? You can get bounced for anything from breaking the 'clean and casual' dress code to snapping a cameraphone pic, and that means you don't get to spend your night the way you want to. If Vegas is all about living it up, why do popular places have so many restrictions on your evening excursions? If you want to sidestep all the bull, do as the experts do: look into hiring escorts.

More than just a knock on your hotel room door, Vegas escorts have it all over strippers. Not only do you get to invite a woman who's just your type to spend the evening with you, you can request special outfits and costumes to make your time together even more sensual. Love fishnets? Just ask. Prefer a ponytail on your own private Palomino companion? She's happy to oblige. Not only are you automatically a VIP - no Champagne Room needed - with your private escort, you'll have her undivided attention all evening long as her ONLY client. Try getting that level of service at the Palomino strip club, where the girls need to work the whole crowd between sets.

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sapphire club girlRolling Up To The Sapphire Strip Club?

You're in Vegas, and you've got hot girls on the brain. Where do you go for adult entertainment? If you've got good taste, the Las Vegas Sapphire is high on your to-see list. Known for its incredible women, opulent setting and unusual skyboxes, this is considered by some to be the best strip club in Vegas. Sounds great, right? Well, there are a few drawbacks to hitting up a club this popular - at least, alone - and smart stripper enthusiasts weigh their options before heading over to grab a stage side table.

Imagine sitting at your table, nursing a drink as you watch the unbelievable women on stage show off their assets in tiny outfits and work the pole like a pro. You look over beside you and there's an equally stunning woman smiling back at you, but she's not trying to pressure you into a lap dance. In fact, she doesn't even work for a Las Vegas strip club. She's a privately hired exotic dancer, your companion for the evening, and you don't have to wonder if she's coming home with you after you leave the club - you already know the two of you are destined for your hotel room.

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spearmint rhino girlChecking Out The Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas?

You can't check out your choices for a Las Vegas strip club without the Spearmint Rhino strip club at the top of the list. And why not - it's got some of the hottest adult entertainment on the strip and a lot of dancer enthusiasts consider it "the" place to party. The experience you have there might not always be exactly what you had in mind, however. Popular places like Las Vegas Spearmint Rhino tend to draw large crowds, and reviews call out tiny tables and high cover charges as being real mood-killers for gents with some late night sensual tourism on the brain.

Here's why you might not have as much fun on your visit as you're hoping for - when the club closes up, you're going back to your hotel room alone. As hot and wild as the action in the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas itself may get, ultimately the strippers are going their separate ways when the lights come back up. Eager to keep the party going? Those in the know make an appointment with Las Vegas escorts before they ever head out towards strip clubs like the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas.

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treasures las vegasConsidering Going to Treasures Strip Club?

We don't blame you - there's a reason it's one of the hottest places on the strip - in every sense of the word. Two floors of sexual, sensual women grinding, writhing and showing off their best assets while you get your steak on - of course it sounds great. However, it's worth noting that one reviewer describes a visit as a "sensory overload," with tons of stages, lights and that one weakness of the most popular strip clubs - crowds. Even as the barely-clad Las Vegas Treasures girls rotate stages, you're still stuck nursing your drink as you wait for your favorite to get to one you can view without straining your neck.

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