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Rolling Up To The Sapphire Strip Club?

You're in Vegas, and you've got hot girls on the brain. Where do you go for adult entertainment? If you've got good taste, the Las Vegas Sapphire is high on your to-see list. Known for its incredible women, opulent setting and unusual skyboxes, this is considered by some to be the best strip club in Vegas. Sounds great, right? Well, there are a few drawbacks to hitting up a club this popular - at least, alone - and smart stripper enthusiasts weigh their options before heading over to grab a stage side table.

Imagine sitting at your table, nursing a drink as you watch the unbelievable women on stage show off their assets in tiny outfits and work the pole like a pro. You look over beside you and there's an equally stunning woman smiling back at you, but she's not trying to pressure you into a lap dance. In fact, she doesn't even work for a Las Vegas strip club. She's a privately hired exotic dancer, your companion for the evening, and you don't have to wonder if she's coming home with you after you leave the club - you already know the two of you are destined for your hotel room.

Where Do You Want Your Lapdance?

Strip clubs are businesses, and ultimately a business wants to encourage you to buy their most profitable item. As you sit in the uncomfortably small chairs at one of Sapphire's tables for your lap dance, the cushy champagne room starts to look better and better. Don't let yourself get suckered into paying for the setting when you could be paying for world-class talent - your escort for hire can give you a lap dance that's even more mind-blowing back in your room...and you won't need to share the experience with dozens of onlookers, either. You get amazing talent, a sensual woman that's all yours for the evening and no pressure to buy packages or VIP rooms - you just get to relax and enjoy. Can you say the same thing about the strippers at Sapphire Las Vegas? Probably not.

The Sapphire Las Vegas expects you to look a certain way to get in, or maybe even to buy one of their inflated VIP packages, complete with bottle service. When was the last time your hotel charged you a cover charge for getting into your own room, or checked your bags for liquor that you paid actual market value for? Don't get glitter all over your best suit jacket or spring for watered-down drinks. Whether you skip the Sapphire strip club and opt to "order in" adult entertainment or decide to bring your hot new friend along with you to watch the luscious Sapphire gems on stage, you won't have to wonder if you're spending the evening alone. Wear your sweatpants and a smile - she'll be totally DTF..down to have fun...with you no matter what kind of outfit you're rocking. No scowling bouncers or enforced dress code required.

Take a Number? No Way.

At premium strip clubs like Sapphire Las Vegas, the girls are expected to work the crowd between their sets on stage - that means an already-tired exotic dancer giving lap dance after lap dance to guys that aren't you. When she finally gets to your table to give you a lap dance, how many other guys have already enjoyed her talents? Here's the kicker - you'll end up shelling out the same amount the first patron did for half the enthusiasm. Doesn't sound like a very good investment in a hot evening, does it? When you hire escorts to entertain you for the night, however, you'll know that you're the only thing on their mind. No amount of other patrons waving cash or trying to get their attention will divert their focus from their very special VIP - you.

Las Vegas is all about the VIP treatment, after all - lush hotel rooms, high-stakes poker tables, amazing steak houses...why settle for being a face in the crowd when it comes to your adult entertainment experience? You deserve better than that, and that means your own stripper, your own "dress code" and your own drinks - not someone else's idea of a good time shoved into an experience package. Some guys might be down for a pre-planned night at Sapphire Las Vegas where they go home alone...but you aren't some guys. You're smarter than that, and you know that Sin City is your oyster.

Indulge Your Tastes For Sensual Fun

What are the chances that a hottie that's exactly your type is going to take the stage at the Sapphire Las Vegas? Oh, there may be girls that are close, but your fantasy is a unique combination of features, music, moves and maybe even a costume or two. Chances are, you aren't going to find that special mix spontaneously. Customize your evening by selecting from escorts for hire that specialize in giving you exactly what you want - not playing to the crowd. All it takes is a quick phone call or online message to ask about availability and an appointment, and your worries about a boring evening watching pay-per-view in your room are history. With these luscious ladies on call, it's like the strip club comes to you - no taxis or limos required!

If you're feeling especially naughty, why not hire two strippers at once? Sure, it's decadent, but two-girl strip shows in the comfort of your hotel room are the kind of indulgence that Sin City is famous for. As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...so make sure that your story is full of secrets worth keeping. Let the bachelor party crowds overpay for women that aren't interested in satisfying anyone beyond club management. You've got a better plan in mind now for your adult entertainment, and your night is about to get a whole lot more interesting when your new companion knocks on your hotel room door.  

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